Register for the 2019 Little Hollywood Shootout


2019 Rules and Regulations

The 2019 Little Hollywood Shoot Out features two competitive divisions appealing to a broad range of filmmakers. Starting on April 10th at high noon and ending on April 12th at 1:00 pm, competitors have two days to complete their film entries. Films must be shot, edited, exported and submitted during that time period. 

– Division #1 Indy Pro: The Indy Pro division is designed for college students and more professional competitors who have experience with film making. This division offers the greatest amount of prizes and awards but the criteria and judging is the most challenging.

– Division #2 Excel: The Excel division is intended for the more novice or beginner who is just breaking into film making. The Excel division is open to all ages and anyone who is looking to try their hand at the craft may participate. By providing opportunities to make films, talents can be explored and participants can learn to excel.

Pre-Production: Teams are encouraged to come prepared with a story, cast and crew in preparation for the event. To allow for higher quality productions and to ensure a level playing field we anticipate teams will come prepared and have their pre-production out of the way. But just to mix things up, we will be throwing a wrench in the works. Requirements will be revealed just prior to the starting gun and teams will need to integrate the newly revealed information into their final submission. Winning films must comply with the revealed requirements.

Time and Dates: The competition will kick off at high noon in Kanab Utah at the historic Parry Lodge on the 10th of April 2019. After a short welcome and presentation, teams will then have two days to compete. Filming requirements must take place in Kane County at revealed locations. Entries must be turned in no later than 1:00 pm on April 12, 2019. Late entries will be disqualified. A community screening and award ceremony is planned to take place on the evening of April 12th.

Who Can Race? Anyone with a camera and passion to make film are encouraged to participate. Anyone ranging from middle school, to college students to professional filmmakers can compete in this event. There are two primary categories in the competition consisting of amateurs and professionals. We encourage you to exercise discretion when deciding which category to enter. We want amateur teams competing with other amateur teams, and professional teams categorized with other professional teams.

Public Film Screening: At the end of the challenge on April 12th, there will be a public screening in Kanab of all submitted films at the Crescent Moon Theater, starting at 7:00 pm. Winners in each of these categories will be announced including the Grand Prize “Best in Show”. All teams are encouraged to attend, but attendance is not required to win.

Registration Deadline: Registrations will be allowed at the door.

Registration Fee: Registration for the “Indy Pro” Division is $35.00, while the entry fee for the “Excel” Division is $15.00. Rules, regulations, registration and answers to any other questions can be directed to [email protected] or by calling CEBA 435-899-0443.

The video: Total run time, including credits, for all videos must be 5 minutes or less.

Format: Films must be exported at 720P ( 1280 x 720). Films must be submitted as a Quicktime movie with h.264 compression (upload or disk).

Equipment: You are responsible to provide your own cameras, microphones, lights, editing systems, and other equipment.

Judging Criteria and Required Elements: Just prior to the start of the challenge, filming locations, props, and other requirements will be revealed. At the starting line, teams will be provided with an outline of the required elements and the criteria by which the videos will be judged. We will make this information as clear as possible. The best way to win is to pay attention to creatively integrating the required elements into your film. Your video might be brilliant, but if it doesn’t meet the criteria, it will hurt your chances to win.

Judges: To eliminate bias and promote a fair judging process, review panels consisting of distinguished experts from the film community from both Kane County and from outside Kane County are graciously donating their time and expertise to judge the submitted films. The judges are vetted for conflicts of interest and we assure impartiality and diligence. There will also be a public screening of the submitted shootout films where the general public in attendance will have the opportunity to score the screened films. Judging decisions are final and scorecards remain confidential to eliminate any potential disgruntled entrants whose film did not win. We do not want review panelists getting harassed and confidentiality protects the judges. Judging is based on three merit criteria: Artistic merit, technical merit, and adherence to the requirements.

Team Members: You should count as part of your crew: anyone who writes, conceives, or contributes substantially to the script, and, of course, the production crew. This includes: Director(s), Producer(s), Camera operators, Production Assistants, Location or Studio Sound Recordists, Grips, Gaffers, Lighting directors, Editors, Composers, Location scouts, etc. Anyone above or below-the-line personnel on a production should be counted. In short, anyone who directs the actors holds a camera, a mic, or a clapper, anyone who sets up the lights, writes your script, digitizes and edits your footage, composes the score, animates your opening titles, or otherwise plays a substantial role in conceiving, writing, producing, or post-producing your video. You don’t need to include the following people as crew members, unless they also take over a crew function: actors (see below), extras, musicians under the direction of the composer, moms, dads, sisters, or grandmothers who run out to Starbucks, the pizza delivery guy, unless you ask him to hold a mic, The Red Bull teams, or the bewildered people you encounter at the surprise location, unless you ask them to hold a mic.

Actors: For counting team members: don’t count actors in the team size, unless the actor is doubling as a crew member as well.

Credits: Credits do not have to be included with the final film product but we strongly suggest you do include credits. Please give credit where credit is due and everyone you are working with deserves some credit! If you film at a business location in Kane County it is up to you to garner permission and credit that business for their involvement. For example, if Parry Lodge allows use of a particular room or setting for a shot they should be given credit in your film. Credits are still part of the 5 minute time allowance.

Questions: If you have questions about rules or times during the race, we will give you a number to call and ask.

Late Entries: If you fail to turn your film in on time the film will be disqualified from judging. If you decide to start the race once the race has already started we will decide case by case if you will be allowed to enter. It is best to be there at the beginning so you are on the same page as everyone else.

Waiver: In order for a team to be eligible for the competition a liability waiver needs to be signed by teams and team members at the time of registration on April 10, 2019. Forms will be provided at this time and there are no exceptions to this rule.