Digital Theory Productions

Digital Theory Productions

Sponsors for the 2014 Little Hollywood Shootout are firming up and We’d like to announce that Digital Theory Productions has come on board. Digital Theory creates music for use in your film and has amazing licensing agreements. As we’ve come in contact with Digital Theory, we’ve been blown away by the quality of his music and how affordable and flexible his content is. In addition to the current library of music available onĀ can also commission a custom score for you project.

We are a team of composers/Musicians/Producers; masters of all musical genres. We consistently create commercial and popular music with an undeniably polished professional sound. We have an unmatched ability to compose a musical work that sets the tone in film, television, or advertisements. Also, our material is formatted so that artists or voice over actors can easily be mixed in. Digital Theory Productions has been published several times over and has numerous domestic and international placements. We compose, perform, track, mix, and master.

-Nicholas Patrick

Nicholas Patrick at Digital Theory has generously agreed to become a sponsor of the Little Hollywood Shootout, and the top winners will receive a license to download any score from their library for free. This is an exciting opportunity to get access to music that will enhance your film project.

Music and clean audio are vital to a professionally produced project and adds power, and engagement to your films. We encourage you to check out the Digital Theory music library. You now have the composer you need, at the click of a button. Use the music library or commission a custom score. Either way, your film will sound better, and you’ve stayed way withing budget.

The Little Hollywood Shootout is pleased to welcome Digital Theory Productions to the lineup of sponsors for the upcoming 2014 competition.