2018 Little Hollywood Shootout Concludes at Crescent Moon

2018 Little Hollywood Shootout Concludes at Crescent Moon

The 8th annual “Little Hollywood Shootout,” film challenge concluded on Saturday, April 7, 2018 with a community screening premier of submitted films at the Crescent Moon Theater. The first place film award went to Ryan Taplin, and his crew for their film, called “Home.” Second place honors went to Jeff Sanders and his crew for the film “The Murder of Crow.” “Isolation Issues” by Chistian Naverrette came in 3rdplace and was followed by sixteen year old Max Turner for his film called “Strange Journey.”

Rounding out the runners up was “Sunshine Away” by Mariah Larsen, “For Better or For Worse” by Southern Utah University students, “Walk Through Valley” by Moses
Baldersam, “Untitled” by Aaron Saltzman of Las Vegas, Sandstone Peaks Middle by Sean Labrecque, “Take a Hike” by Jake Clayson, and “Journey Home” by Sydney Brown. The coveted audience choice award also went to the film “Sandstone Peaks Middle” with Sean Labrecque and his crew from St George.

“This is an extremely tough challenge and all the filmmakers should be commended for their creativity and hard work,” said event organizer Kelly Stowell. In all there were a record number of teams competing in the 2018, shootout with eleven teams completing the task. The “shootout” is a quick-turnaround film challenge requiring filmmakers to produce a short film with Kanab and Fredonia area locations as the backdrop. At high noon, on April 4, film production locations and a theme was revealed to participants. The theme for the 2018, shootout was ”Take a Hike.” Competitors had two days to write, direct, edit, and complete a five-minute film. Film submissions were due at 1:30 pm on Friday, April 6, 2018. Festivities of the Little Hollywood Shootout ended with film premiers and an awards ceremony at Kanab’s Crescent Moon Theater, showcasing all submitted films on the evening of Saturday, April 7, 2018.

Prospective filmmakers of all ages from beginners to veterans are invited to take part in the challenge. Primary filming locations are required to take place in Kane County and editing and post-production can take place at the participants desired location. Two competition divisions were available for participants with one category intended for novice filmmakers of all ages looking to gain experience and the other division designed for competitors who have experience in film production.

Sponsors of the “Little Hollywood Shootout” include AT&T, Kane County Office of Tourism, Kane County Film Commission, Center for Education, Business, and the Arts, Kanab City, Utah Film Commission, and Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area. Watch the winning film below.